Monday, April 13, 2015

College Writing Review

                                                           Scientific Writing
What is your major and what role do writing courses play in your major?

Health and Exercise Science. I don’t believe that a single writing course is offered in the department.

What kinds of writing-intensive classes have you taken both inside and outside your major?

I haven’t taken a single writing-intensive class in my major. All of my writing classes have come as upper division non-western/western civilization electives.

How have your courses helped you to grow and develop as a writer?

This course has by far been the most influential (even more so than English composition) in my development as a writer; I’m glad that I chose to take it.

What has been most/least helpful about the writing you have done for this class?

What is most helpful is the fact that we as students get near daily feedback on our works. This allows for time to go back, learn, and grow as a writer.

 What have been the most meaningful writing experiences that you have had in college?

The most meaningful writing experience was certainly this class. Other than this, most all of my writing has been done in the form of lab reports.

If you were to design a writing class for your major, what would that class look like?

The only way that I could envision this type of class fitting into our curriculum would be to have the class read research articles on topics in the field and write analyses to said articles.

If you were to design a writing class for students from all over OU, not specific to any major, what kind of writing class do you think would be most useful? 

I would have to design the class such that the students would have to read and write about something that they find interesting.

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