Monday, April 13, 2015

Online Education Review

                                                                      Computerized Classroom
Please share your thoughts about online education in general and also your experiences in particular.

I have found online classes to be a great option for me as a student. Although I believe that some classes that are offered online shouldn’t be, they are still a great alternative.

What features of online courses are most/least valuable to you?

I enjoy that most online classes allow students to work at their own pace. I realize this can be beneficial to some while harmful to others, but it has been great for me. My only reservation would be the inability to get a questioned answered immediately in an online class; I frequent my professors’ office hours in traditional classes.

Would you take more fully online courses if they were available?

Not within my department. If they were gen ed classes, then yes.

If you were to design a fully online course, what would it look like?

1)I’d allow the student to work at their own pace; 2) I would hold office hours; and 3) I would provide the student with the liberty of choosing some of their course material (much like in this class).

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