Sunday, April 5, 2015

Week 12 Reading Diary A: Prince Rasalu

The king has two queens? Hmm… polygamy.

Wow, this story went south very very fast ha ha.

And now the prince has the ability to perform miracles! Wow.

So now the Raja Salbahan is going to come face to face with the son he attempted to have massacred? This seems to spell for quite a dramatic ending.

Why would Lona eat the grain of rice if she was forewarned of the events that would ensue?

He and his equine must grow and develop some sort of special relationship. I can’t imagine growing up with a horse, a parrot, and no other children.
                                                                          Prince and Pal

See! That is what happens when kids are rendered in isolation.

Rasalu will serve as a tribute? This sounds familiar… Hunger Games?

The giants have the heads of… cows? Odd.



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