Thursday, January 15, 2015

Epic Overview

This will be the first course that I have taken that centered around Indian culture. This will be the first class that is primarily concerned with this idea of “stories from stories;” with that being said, I am excited to see what all of this is about. I do look forward to reading these literary epics. I have not traveled to Asia, however, I think this class will provide great insight into some of the culture.
I am looking forward to reading about the setting in which some of these epics take place. I read a little about the forests, rivers, and mountains -- I think that will be an aside for me as I read the stories. Also, it seems that some quarreling leads to war. I find this interesting and I’m looking forward to understanding just as to why this occurred and why they resorted to war.

                                                      Source; a comforting hug; by Raja Ravi Varma

I chose this image because of the interaction in the image as well as the setting in which it took place -- both of which interest me.

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