Monday, January 19, 2015

Reading Diary B: Rama's Exile

1)      What envy was created by the sight of Rama in Soorpanaka! This was an all-consuming, incendiary, and bothersome envy. Also, Ravana fell under the same trance at the description of Rama’s wife, Sita.  It is almost unimaginable to think that someone could become so entranced by someone’s looks.

2)      How foolish of Rama to go against his intuition and attempt to please Sita. Because of an obligation to please his wife, he almost loses Sita to Ravana. He knew better than to be isolated by a fairytale-esque deer.

3)      What power Rama holds. Mareecha, recounting battles he had with Rama several years ago, feared to even tamper with the well-being of Rama. He (Mareecha) had been struck by such a powerful bow that it sent him a great distance out into the ocean. Being that my studies focus on the types of impulse/work/forces that would have happened to been imparted on Mareecha to send him such a distance is fascinating to ponder (I know, I’m a nerd)!

4)      Even with the counsel of someone who had come into contact with Rama on a few occasions and understood the power he possessed, Ravana was still stubborn enough to attempt to capture Sita. What control a figment of imagination can hold over someone. How foolish can someone be?

5)      What type of a battle will ensue when Rama finally encounters Ravana and attempts to recapture his wife? Ravana has already mentioned that he is not one for physical confrontation.
Source; Sita and Ravana; Author: Nina Paley;

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