Friday, January 23, 2015

Week 3 Reading Diary A: Search for Sita

Why did the author decide to choose monkeys as the animal of choice for this section?

What will transpire as a result of the encounter with the monkey named Hanuman?

Vali acted rather brash in his handling of Sugreeva following the conquest of Mayavi.

I don’t understand why Vali attempted to justify his actions to Rama on his death bed and question Rama for what he’d done.

Will Sugreeva honor his promise to help out Rama? It seems like he may end up betraying both Rama and Lakshmana.

Great! Sugreeva will indeed honor his promise and help Rama to find Sita. I’m glad that Sugreeva has committed to helping and I’m shocked at just how loyal they are to the cause.

How will the monkeys be able to scour all of the earth and possibly beyond in order to track down where Ravana has taken Sita? Their task seems formidable.

One facet of the characters is their inherent goodwill and intent to comfort all who have faced some trial. For example, the monkeys demonstrate great compassion by consoling Sampathi after the death of Jatayu.

                                                                 Cautious Encounter

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