Monday, January 19, 2015

Reading Diary A: Marvelous Rama

What stood out to me in this story was the character Rama. Chosen as an adolescent to battle spiritual powers, Rama was unequivocally special. After displaying his exceptional talent of using the crossbow, Rama decided to next make an attempt at marrying Sita, daughter of King Janaka. He succeeds in the test and is allowed to marry as prize. Immediately, Rama becomes a figure worthy of veneration. It amazes me at how quickly Rama rises to prominence following his achievements. Not only is Rama great on the battlefield, but he also displays great moral aptitude -- something that is quite uncommon in story today. It seems like the respect for moral code is paramount to Rama and his father and both of these are highly commendable. For example, after having been informed of the decision to strip him of his status as king AND to send him into to exile, Rama gracefully accepts his father’s decree and proceeds to leave.  I’m very excited to see just how the story unfolds after having come to know the quality of Rama’s character. Will he actually spend such an extended period in the wilderness or will there be a twist in the plot? Also, can Rama maintain the character that he has demonstrated thus far? Rama is adored by the inhabitants of the kingdom; will they accept the exile as gracefully as he did?

                                           Source; Rama: an exceptional man; Rama in battle.

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