Friday, January 23, 2015

Week 3 Reading Diary B: A Violent Encounter

I found it to be odd that Rama decided to allow Vibishana into the group even though he parted ways with his brother. He proved to be an ally—yes – however, they took on a great risk by allowing him entry in their group. He could have wreaked great havoc had he elected to.

I can’t imagine being able to allow an opponent of mine – someone who kidnapped by wife at that—to surrender even after the fight appeared to be tilting in my favor. Most would have sought to exact vengeance with their own fists after learning of Ravana’s acts. But then again, Rama is quite the exceptional character.

How could Ravana be so stubborn? Clearly, he was close to losing the battle and yet he refused to resign. His entire populace had died on the battle field and not even this dissuaded his efforts.

The battle between Rama and Ravana was epic (no pun intended). My only reservation would be that it would have done the epic well to have more visual descriptions of the battle and its unfolding.

I legitimately became upset at Rama for just a few lines as I thought he was going to let all of his work be in vain.

What a violent and wildly suspenseful happily-ever-after.

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