Thursday, January 22, 2015

Storybook Topics

1)      Possible topic: Exploring the Himalayan Mountains. This is such a large landmark in the area in which the stories take place. From photographs that I’ve seen over the years I can see why it would be subject to much discussion. I’m sure that there are many spectacular features around the mountain range. I would enjoy finding out why each peak is so significant to different groups of people.

Research so far: I’ve looked at the sample storybook section titled “Traveling India.” This offered many geographical features that whetted my interest in the subject matter. Also, I browsed google images for some photographs of the mountain range and I found it to be quite the spectacle.
Source; Humbling horizon; By: Himanshu Punetha

2)      Possible topic: Exploring the Ganges River. Again, its cultural significance is something that intrigues me. Furthermore, I would enjoy being able to learn about all of its features.


Research so far: I know that it flows through several countries as well as it has several tributaries. It makes sense that several societal groups would settle down near its banks because of the rich source of food it would be.


3)      Possible topic: Exploration of multiple major land features (i.e. mountains, rivers, forests, etc.)  in the southwest Asian area. I’m intrigued by the beauty of these landmarks. I want to learn just what the stories are about all of these spectacular places. I think what I would do is trek through the area and come into contact with several groups of people in the respective areas and learn more about the landmarks through adventure and their narrative.

Research so far: Well, several stories exist regarding the importance if the various landmarks from what I’ve read on the storybook examples page. I’d like to incorporate actual accounts as well as include many photographs of the scenery.  


4)      Possible Topic: The moral code of The Ramayana. Although somewhat spoken about in the story, I would enjoy learning more about the code that seemingly all of the characters strive to follow. Most literary figures lack this type of responsibility and it struck me as intriguing how the characters of Ramayana followed it.


Research so far: The book itself provided me with my first exposure to the fact that all of the characters noted the importance of this type of morality. According to an internet search, the purpose of these traits in most all of the characters was to live according to dharma.


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