Thursday, January 15, 2015

Storybook Favorites

A Hermit's Tales of the Himalayas

I’m not at all familiar with the story being told. The title of the storybook immediately drew me in with the mention of the Himalayas. Next, the storybook kept me captivated through the dialogue included in the first few sentences. By beginning in the dialogue, I felt as though I  needed to continue reading in order to gain a better understanding of the plot. The images themselves were enough to capture my attention and the story was a proverbial ‘cherry on top.’ I enjoyed the overall layout of the page; being that I enjoy nature as well, I may very well create my storybook such that it includes images of the landscape.

The Ganges River

The title itself immediately carried me away into an imaginary ‘spiritual river,’ so, as one might expect -- I enjoyed their wording with the title. I appreciate the creativity by the author in explaining the significance of the Ganges to a Hindu. The author of this storybook, like any great author, opens up at a point in the story that urges the reader to continue on; I think I will attempt to incorporate this into my storybook. I did not like the colorful background included in this storybook as it seemed to distract me from the text.

Epics-India Travel Journal

The way in which the author of this storybook was able to reinterpret the story and add detail really appealed to me. Additionally, the idea of a ‘travel journal’ appealed to me as I enjoy traveling and adventure. The style of the storybook was not something I am fond of; it included too much text and few pictures of the amazing setting in which the story took place. Understanding the setting is just as important as understanding the story for me. And by not including images until the end, I was left wondering throughout the story.  

Image Information: Berggasthaus Aescher Hotel; Source

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