Saturday, February 21, 2015

Reading Diary A: Attack on the Ocean

The idea that those in power are not the wisest is very -- hmm, applicable-- to some instances today.

I can’t believe that the rabbit is going to make an attempt at defeating the lion. However, I do believe in his saying that wisdom will prevail against all. This is sure to be interesting!

How entertaining it is to read the rabbit and lion to cite poems back and forth at each other justifying their reasoning; this is a metaphorical presidential debate!

What a masterful job by the rabbit to outwit the lion. He used the lion’s own arrogance to defeat Numskull.

I enjoyed this story. The author did a fine job of incorporating multiple facets to make up a well-rounded fable.

What a clever scheme on the part of the author to incorporate all of the ‘tributary’ stories to great one great piece. I was surprised at how well the stories flowed and connected so easily.

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