Sunday, February 15, 2015

Reading Diary A: Khasi Folktales

The Tiger and the Monkeys:

I’m going to predict that the poor workmanship on the part of the monkeys causes the head to fall off of the model.

I’ve enjoyed the vocabulary choice in this story thus far. It’s far more engaging for me than 100+ pages of the Ramayana.

I’m enamored with the way in which the author of this story described the scene – I think this could very well be a story to incorporate into my storybook.

I enjoyed this tale. It is very much like mankind to ignore the advice of one who lacks the appearance -- or degree in many cases – of one who wants to contribute.

The Stag and the Snail:

It looks reminiscent of the hare and the tortoise so far; could this be where the story originated? I find it amusing that all of these stories have depicted human pitfalls in animal characters – possibly serving as common entertainment when they were originally told?

Interesting to read that no deer possess a gall bladder. It makes sense because the organ (in the human body) serves as a reservoir for bile— and a herbivore would have no need for such.

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