Saturday, February 28, 2015

Reading Diary A: The Banished Brahmins

I found a few of the events that occurred early on in the Mahabharata to be interesting.

How dare King Drupada turn his nose up to childhood friend Drona. I can say that I have seen the same happen to people I know – what a shame that is.

The house of joy – that was a great surprise. I found it interesting that the corpses of five men and a woman were found in the mansion.

I like the sliver of foreshadowing thrown in by Narayan when he spoke of Ghatotkacha’s ability on the battlefield; I now want to know just how this battle comes about.

How about that encounter with Vyasa? At times I feel much like the characters here when they are told by Vyasa, “Ahead I see victory for your principles.” I know that if I am patient and diligent, then I’ll finally accomplish my goals.

Draupadi requested to be married to all five men in a past life – quite interesting.


Overall, I’m curious to see how the plot is going to unfold.

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