Monday, March 2, 2015

Commenting Review

I do feel as if I have made some good connections with a few classmates. Some of whom created interesting storybooks that were quite good at drawing the reader back in for more the following week. I think that the introduction was the most meaningful way to make a connection with a classmate. I think that the suggestions for revisions on storytelling posts have been the most useful by a long shot. I have actually never had a class which promoted commenting on classmates’ work – I have found it to be pleasant. I think that getting feedback from more people each week could potentially be a way to improve the overall commenting process for this class; some students provide much more meaningful comments than others.

I chose this image because I found it to be inspirational. Some of my storybook stories were written based off of inspirational images much like this.


  1. Hey there!
    The picture you chose is so, so pretty and it really is inspirational. It’s awesome that you can write stories based off of images like the one you chose for this post. I totally agree that the introduction posts were the most useful for getting to know one another in this class; they felt like a sped-up version of the first week of a typical class.

  2. I could not agree with you more when it comes to the commenting review. People leave such great comments that are inspirational as well as helpful. Each and every week I become a better writer. That picture you chose is so nice. I wish to visit there sometime in my future.

  3. Hey Lance! I totally agree with you. I feel like everyone's introductions show a little bit of their personalities, so you feel like you know them even though we've never actually met! Like one thing I've noticed after being in commenting groups with you is that you love the outdoors, like you said in your introduction, and I see you've even included an outdoor picture in this post!