Sunday, March 22, 2015

Week 10 Reading Diary A: Dhritarashtra's Vice

Dhritarashtra needs to establish a council wherein he can get some sound advice – or a therapist.

It sounds like Duryodhana plans to go to battle against his cousins. I guess that every good book needs some type of a conflict.

The pompous Duryodhana was taken as a prisoner? I very much enjoyed reading this.

A deer drawing an unsuspecting man out into isolation? This sounds familiar! I wonder who it could be this time.

That must be some ridiculous H20 to kill all who come into contact with it… or could it be H202? That would sure do the trick.

It was just a yaksha, that explains it.

All of the pandavas are going to simultaneously appear within a neighboring kingdom AND continue to perform some of their uncanny feats? This sounds like nothing less than a bad idea to me.

It is nice to read that they’ll be participating in their favorite hobbies for the first time in twelve years. I do have a soft spot for seeing joy in others.

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