Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 11 Reading Diary B: Siddhartha's Conversion

“…but companions and friends desert us when it is the path of holiness we would take.” This seems to describe some people who I know to the tee.

It is only fitting that Siddhartha takes the warrior horse to go and perform the noblest act.

 Does this have some connection to the power that humans have over animals or what? It seems like, for the most part, animals are gentle beings that are molded by the actions of their owners.

It is understandable that all wallowed at the news of Siddhartha’s departure.

Why is it that Kanthaka died? Could this be foreshadowing of more deaths to come?

Hmm… five dreams? This must represent something significant.

Those were some STRANGE dreams.

Ahh – this describes the image that must associate with “Buddha.” He is seated with legs crossed and is facing towards the east.

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  1. Lance, I also thought that the dreams were something very interesting as well. I think that was probably one of the most interesting parts of these weeks readings. However, I find myself saying that each week is so interesting but I think that this week truly got very interesting with the five different dreams. I am ready to what else comes with next week’s readings.