Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 11 Reading Diary A: Life of Buddha

I wonder what the significance, if any, is of the six tusks.

So was Maya always a queen? I didn’t see anything indicating that she was.

I find it to be a bit peculiar that king Suddhodana distributed food and drink upon hearing of the good news. Is this custom in their culture?

Well, it seems like the earth is certainly joyous at the impending birth of Buddha.

This collection of stories has been quite metaphorical – I suppose there is no better way to tell it.

It sounds like the land was quite merry in the land of Kapilavastu.

So prince Siddhartha was raised by his aunt? Interesting!

So there is a connection between Rama and prince Siddhartha – Visvamitra. This must have been quite a special teacher.

So, was it prophesied that someone would become “the Buddha?”       

It was intended that Siddhartha would never see the infirmities of the world – this seems odd.
                                                                  A Young Prince

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