Sunday, March 22, 2015

Week 10 Reading Diary B: Yudhistira Talks

Yudhistira opened up chapter thirteen with a statement that resonated with me, it was this: “Is it worth all this conflict?” Do these two mighty empires need to go to battle? What will they gain as a result? I think much in the same way with current events – why must violence be the ultimate resolve? One group will do the unthinkable to another – and all for what? It seems a tragedy that, even with all of our analytical cognitive ability, we many times decide on a whim.

It seems a bit unorthodox that many of the characters are given ample opportunity to pledge their allegiance to one party or another before the fight. I suppose this is similar to the events surrounding many civil wars.

Wow! It would be quite a sight to be present when all of the bad omens occurred.

So I must admit that I felt like the battle was strung out for an excessive period of time.

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