Sunday, March 1, 2015

Writing Review Week

I believe that the Storybook project as a whole has been my greatest writing success this semester. I’ve really enjoyed writing it and I think that it has turned out well so far. I hope to continue to progress on my writing capability. Writing in story form surely isn’t something I’ve done much of (especially before this class), and I’d like to expand on my abilities in this area. My storytelling posts are principally for my Storybook, and as such, they deal with the interactions between a grandfather and his grandchildren. I would have to think that being able to place myself in the shoes of the characters has best helped me to write my stories.

                                                                                Lei Tree

This photo was included in a Storybook story in which the grandchildren learned that it provided anyone consuming its fruit with wisdom. I loved the image itself and it fit the description from the story where I read about it first -- on the top of a mountain/hill.

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